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Q. I'm confused with all the different words used to describe the various methods of waxing. Can you explain them for me?

A. There are four main types of waxing treatment including strip waxing, peel off or traditional waxing, film waxing and intimate film waxing.

Depilève Strip Waxing

Depilève wax is heated and applied in a thin layer with the wooden applicator. The wax is then removed quickly with a non woven fabric strip. Strip wax is often referred to as warm wax or cool wax.

Depilève Traditional Waxing

The heated Depilève wax is applied in a thick layer, and removed by hand without using a strip. This method is slower than strip waxing, but is less painful and is more suitable to smaller, more sensitive areas. Traditional wax is often referred to as hot wax or peel off wax.

Depilève Intimate Waxing

This combines all that is good from strip waxing such as the application of a thin layer of heated wax, the quick means of removal and its ability to be used on all areas of the body, with the comfort of traditional waxing.  The intimate wax is specifically formulated by Depilève for use in Brazilian waxing and for waxing very sensitive areas such as the face or underarm.

Q. My skin is very sensitive to most rosins used in waxes. Is there any wax out there that would be most suitable?

A. Yes. Depilèves new Hypoallergenic Crystal Clear wax is rosin free and has been formulated especially for even the most sensitive skin. Also, make sure your therapist is using the correct before and after treatment lotions, such as Depilèves Gold Concentrate Hair Inhibitor Serum, this will ensure that you skin is moisturised and soothed after your waxing treatment.

Q. What are ingrown hairs and how do I prevent them?

A. An ingrown hair results when the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. It can be quiet irritating and causes rednesses and swelling and can leave a scar. Depilèves Folisan is a perfect means of preventing ingrown hairs and it is so easy to use. You simply dab it onto the skin after hair removal. Folisan's main ingredient, Salycilic Acid calms the skin and acts as an exfoliant, gently removing any dead skin cells that can block the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs.

Q. My boyfriend suffers from razor burns after shaving. Would the Folisan lotion be good for this?

A. Yes, Depilèves Folisan lotion is ideal for all types of hair removal including shaving. It is specially formulated to be effective on and sensitive to all skin types including skin that is exposed to regular shaving, such as your boyfriends.

Q. I have shaved my legs all my life and I am nervous about changing to waxing, why should I change?

A. There is no need to be nervous, when waxing is done right there is very little pain, and the products that we have developed at Depileve are ideal for first time waxing. Waxing has many benefits over shaving; for example it lasts much longer. If you wax regularly and use the accompanying aftercare hair inhibitors it can last up to 8 weeks. Waxing is also better for your skin as it works as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells which leaves your skin much softer. This removal of dead skins cells and the fact that the hair is removed directly from the root also reduces the chances of developing ingrown hairs. You also get to avoid those nasty razor cuts!