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Depilève Benefits

Depilève commits significant resources to research and innovation to ensure all our waxes provide the best possible results for you. This commitment to quality means that you, the customer, experiences important benefits from our products:

 More Comfortable Waxing


  • Depilève supply a range of pre-treatment cosmetics to help prepare the skin for waxing. This allows the Depilève wax to be applied smoothly to the skin.
  • Due the quality of Depilève wax, therapists need only apply one thin layer of wax. The less wax that goes on, the less wax to come off and therefore the less pain.
  • Market leading product innovation ensures that Depilève wax sticks to the hair and not to the skin. This reduces the painful pulling action on the skin, which leaves the skin feeling refreshed and minimises any skin redness.
  • The best active and soothing ingredients, such as lavender, olive oil and rose petal, used in Depilève waxes make the range suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.
  • Because the wax sticks to the hair and not your skin, it means no more sticky legs on leaving the salon! 


 Smoother Skin for Longer


  • As the thin layer of Depilève wax adheres to the hair and not the skin, this ensures that the hair can be pulled right from the root which reduces the speed of re-growth and minimises any hair breakage during the treatment.
  • Depilève offers a slow growth treatment in the form of Depilève's Gold Concentrate Hair Inhibitor Serum. This natural plant extract serum contains Papaya and Vitamin E to actively slow down hair growth and deeply moisturise the skin. This serum offers a fantastic addition to your waxing treatment for a number of reasons
    • The serum slows down hair re-growth which allows you to leave a longer time between treatments.
    • The serums active ingredients weaken the hair, which means that subsequent treatments are more comfortable.
    • Applied immediately after waxing taking advantage of open pores, this serum really maximises the benefits of your waxing treatment leaving your skin smooth and silky to the touch. It is also available for you to take home to continue the benefits of your treatment between sessions.

Reduces Ingrown Hairs and Red Bumps


  • Depilève's Ingrown Hair Treatment, Folisan lotion, is specially formulated to treat and prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps caused by any type of hair removal, including shaving. Folisan's main ingredient, Salycilic Acid, is not only extremely calming but it also acts as an exfoliant which gently removes any dead skin cells that can block the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs. Depilèves Folisan lotion can be applied immediately after waxing and is also available to take home to help alleviate these potential irritations.