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The Depilève Gold Experience

Smooth beautiful skin for longer 


STEP 1: Pre Treatment Pampering

 Using lotions and moisturisers from Depilèves Pre-treatment cosmetics range, your therapist will massage and prepare your skin for the waxing treatment. This will ensure that the waxing experience is as pain free and as effortless as possible.

STEP 2: Waxing Products

 We have developed the most luxurious combination of waxes available in an array of soothing and relaxing scents which ensure that you get the best results, for you, every time.  The waxes available to you for your waxing treatment are strip waxes, traditional waxes or intimate waxes, as outlined on our Our Waxing Products page.

STEP 3: Depilève Gold Concentrate

Your therapist will then massage in Depilèves Gold Concentrate Hair Inhibitor to slow down hair re-growth and deeply moisturise the skin – a wonderfully soothing and relaxing addition to your treatment.

STEP 4: Post Treatment Protection

Your therapist will apply the most suitable product for you from Depilèves Post-treatment cosmetics range, this will ensure that your skin is smooth, beautiful, protected and ready to bare on leaving the salon.

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